Monday, March 28, 2011

RIP Tigger

Our beloved Devon Rex girl kitty had to be put down on March 14th, the day before my birthday.  Tigger, we will miss you! 

Tigger is on the right; Pooh (L) is actually looking backward, so it looks like Tigger's head is on Pooh's body.  Best I could do.

In celebration of the one cat standing, I give you--

An homage to Piglet: 

Piglet gets some beauty rest

No paparazzi, please. 

Piglet investigates a Tokyo Joe's bag.

Who, Me?  I was nowhere near that Tokyo Joe's bag!

I don't have any new jewelry I've made lately to show you, so I'll just show you a couple of my favorite vintage pieces.

You know me--if some bling is good, more is better!

Another view of the vintage bracelets
And finally, I will close with a photo of my coolest tights, just cause I got a new camera and I've been taking lots of pix.

Pretty wild, huh?  I like to walk on the wild side sometimes.

So, cheers for now, and I will post pix soon after I make the jewelry that's in my head.