Monday, October 8, 2012

August 2012 Artwork

Extra weird hello again, again, because a couple of months ago I couldn't get this to be right or to post, so I'm trying it again. It's not exactly new any more, but it's new to the blog, any way. Happy October!

Hello again. I can't believe it's August 


I went to a collage group and actually 

made some stuff.

It felt great, even though I don't think 

I'll be giving Picasso any competition 
any time soon.

Here are the small, five-minute collages I made, although by consensus we agreed that nobody could make a collage in  five minutes, so we gave ourselves ten for each.

This one doesn't photograph well, because it has a lot of texture, some of which is over the words.  
Part of the lyrics to the music say "joyful words".
This is my theme song as a memory loss sufferer. Was I there?
Did I have a good time? lol., mostly.
This turned out to be one of my favorites, even though it was completely
random and serendipitous.

This may be the pick of the day. I was trying to put it at the bottom of the page, but this blog program isn't cooperating with me.  Once again, an issue of letting go of control. Really, what does it matter? I love the flapper image, and I like the simplicity of the piece.
This is just a random shot of my workspace; I thought it looked pretty cool.

I just can't stay away from the 1920's images.
It felt really scary, then daring, to cut the face images.
This one was pretty random, but I discovered that, when I stopped trying to make the tissue paper lie flat, it made a really cool texture. Letting go of control and letting the process happen is a great thing with art.

As a sign-off, I thought it might be sort of cool, for my own sense of posterity if nothing else, to keep track of what the bracelets de jour are when I make a new blog post. So here they are.

My left wrist

                              My right wrist